SEMA 2015: Part One

Words by Tim Wong

This week was the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada where all kinds of automotive industry companies around the world gather to show off the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. It feels like I’ve been coming for so long because I’ve become to familiar with the show that it’s just second nature with the exception of the media center which seems to constantly move around so I have to look for it. When I looked back, I realized I’ve only been coming here since 2011 which is a mere 4 years in a row. I remember my first year it took 3-4 days just to get through the whole show with Matt, but these past two years, I’ve been going solo and I’ve managed to get through the whole show in a single day. Since this is a small blog, I travel out there on my own dime so I drive out around 2:30AM from San Diego through the night and arrive around 7AM just as the Gold lot across the convention center opens up for some cheap and prime parking. Personally, I am used to long distance and night driving so it’s a pleasant drive free of traffic. As with every year, I don’t really go with any expectations or much of a itinerary; therefore, I go through the show at my own pace for coverage. This year has some great new builds and some old builds with a fresh look. I didn’t really re-walk much of the show or take like 40 pictures of each car, but rather just snap and go. There’s no point in me killing myself to get the perfect shot of every single car at the show because there’s like 1000 other people doing the same thing. So just enjoy some of the cars that caught my interest at the show.


Right off the bat, I saw the latest internet car, the Fugu Z by Sung Kang (and friends).


I think the Rocket Bunny works really well on some cars and then not so much on others. Personally, I think this is in the other category. It certainly has a different look to classic 240Z body lines.





Rocket Bunny V2 for the S14 240SX is one of the best looking kits I’ve seen in years. Absolutely love the classic Japanese/American muscle styling.


The Rocket Bunny RX7 is another car that really works with the RB kit’s curvy lines.


This chopped and slammed rat rod outside was incredible.





Autofashion’s Rocket Bunny NSX in it’s color, formerly blue chrome, and on new wheels.



This was probably the most radical vehicle at the show. It’s like it was made from melted trusses.


The circular “cabin” platform seats five.


The engine and a fuel cell sits in the middle behind the seats.


The back features this elaborate gear ornament the extends high above the car.


Rocket Bunny 350Z




Rocket Bunny E46 BMW


Moving to the inside of the show, there are many halls, but the largest hall is Central which features most of the big names.


Insane turbocharged pickup with six nitrous bottles



Accuair has this great LS powered C10 on air ride.


If you watch Fast N Loud, you may recognize this Ford GT from Gas Monkey Garage. I was in the show a bit earlier than the crowds and saw a couple of the Gas Monkeys either doing press conferences or just wandering the hall.



Jon Sibal’s RWB Porsche at H&R’s booth.


Mike Burrough’s revived 1985 BMW 535i, Rusty Slammington, was definitely one of the biggest stars of the SEMA show this year.


I remember seeing this year several years back in its more modest from compared to the FIA Group 5 race car inspired form it’s taken on now.


I’m sure this car is from finished yet even though it’s just pure madness looking at it now.

_MG_5144Aside from the engine pretty much sitting in the cabin, there’s no floor boards. That is the carpet from the convention showroom floor. _MG_5142

The inside has so much race car going on and I love how fuel is delivered to the gas tank. I didn’t get a chance to see the car with all the panels removed later in the show, but it’s certainly a car I’d like to see in the future.




Factory Five is known for making various kit cars like Cobra replicas, but another one is the GTM Supercar which is kind of their idea of a sports car. This is the 818 is the latest kit car from them which is like a smaller sports coupe.



I think is the first year the Ring Brothers had their own booth while it was small, it had this full carbon fiber classic Mustang shell. It’s a shell because there was no engine, drivetrain, or even much of an interior.



Evasive S2000


VW Shorty Bus


Nice Nova at Chevrolet


I want this. It’s a Quadski. Both quad and jet ski. Two things I like to play with.


Over at Honda, there was, of course, the new NSX.


Honda also had this Ridgeline trophy truck out. There were some modified HRVs too, but they weren’t as interesting. I personally think the HRVs look too much like a Toyota and I don’t like that.


Roadster Shop killing it with this amazing Camaro RS.



Another RWB, but in white. RWB, just like Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk, are still a big thing at SEMA this year. One booth alone even had 5 RWBs.


I’ll end part one with this HKS GTR, but I’ll pick up with some more cars outside on Toyo Treadpass and South Hall. Thanks for reading.


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