CBAD Cars 2016

Words by Tim Wong

It’s 2016 and we’re back! Going since 2009 and we hope this year will be big and as great as ever. Last year ended with some of the big events like SEMA and VIP Festival so it’s been mostly quiet as far as big car event go. Of course I was still busy working on personal projects, traveling, and doing all sorts of fun stuff. Also started a new personal blog called “Mastergrade” which is currently operating under the address of until I can be bothered to buy a domain for it. It’s mostly all my non-automotive blogging such as camera gear, traveling photos, and other stuff of the like. If you’re interested in that type of stuff, it’d appreciated to see some more traffic on there. Other than that, we hope to bring some new and great content this coming year and we’re starting off with an old meet but great meet, Carlsbad Cars.

For a while now, the Cbad Cars meet up at the Carlsbad Outlets was growing bigger than ever, but unfortunately, it also came with the common problem among most meets that get big which is the plague of show boaters that ruined it for the rest of the crowds with their excessive revving, burnouts, and other hooning nonsense. Eventually, the meet lost the privilege of meeting there and had to find a new location. The new location was found at Costco across the street, but was apparently lost again at no fault from the meet, but rather a manger who originally granted the lot and decided to change her mind. This may have been the first and last meet at that location. Until the next time, enjoy some of the cars to show up that day.


Beautiful Ford Falcon with a Coyote engine swap.



I love the way cut fenders look on these types of classic cars.


More R32s making their way onto the US car scene.


Nissan 370Z with a full carbon fiber front end.


Bauer Catfish kit car.


Nice big body Lincoln Continental with a nice lowered stance.


A pair of classic Minis


LS powered S13


Classic Jaguar…



Love this chameleon paint on this Sigala Mustang



Widebody Challenger



New and old Alfa Romeo coupes


Absolutely love this classic American trucks when done so simple and elegantly.


How many stickers is too many?


Ending this post with these Volkwagens.

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