The Chronicles Year 7

Words by Tim Wong


Year 7. Seven years of success for The Chronicles. It’s amazing how far such an independent blog run by a single man has come. As one of the earliest followers of The Chronicles, I never would have imagine it would become what it is now. If you didn’t know already, Joey Lee happens to be my cousin and when he started his blog, I thought it was just a cool way of sharing personal experiences in the rich automotive culture in Southern California. After following his blog for a few months, I thought starting my own blog would be a good way of enriching my budding photography hobby which has become what it is today. So you could say The Chronicles played a large part in the birth of I just happened to love all things automotive and decided to have a wide and diverse coverage of the automotive culture.

While I had another event back in San Diego, that day, I pushed it back so I could at least make it out to The Chronicles anniversary event for a bit. Eibach Springs was once again filled with amazing Honda builds like old times. I’m quickly doing this post just before I make my midnight run to Las Vegas, Nevada for the SEMA Show.


David’s EJ1 Civic with some new gold Watanabes



Brendan’s NA Supra that I’ve haven’t seen in ages.


One of the big debut cars was Yuta Akaishi’s Civic sedan.



The other debut was the Rywire Integra that has been in the making for many years.






Not too many of these AT Civics around anymore, but the few built ones are amazing.





Third generation Accord builds are rare compared to fouth generations and few are quality builds.


Seems like turbo fans are making a comeback. I always thought they were cool, but hard to come by.


Turbo Midori Green EP3














Thanks for reading.


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