Eibach 2015 All Honda Meet: Part Two

Words by Tim Wong


Picking up from where we left off with some more coverage as the more of the crowds rolled in to the massive annual Eibach Honda meet.


Evasive brought out their Voltex equipped S2000


Interesting gold Eg on some green Volk CE28s


ASM S2000 on Volk CE28s


Spoon Sports NSX on Volk TE37SL Black Edition wheels


Jeff Cee’s chameleon colored FA5 Civic


The Phase2 Integra on its new WRD Chevlon Racing wheels


Mugen DC5 at the Falken booth


Civic hatch on some Hayashi Racing wheels


Eibach’s track Civic on Volk TE37SLs


Sam Ip’s Spoon NSX



David Andrade’s EJ1 Civic on Diamond Black Volk TE37 wheels


This Civic had an interesting approach to designing his aero.


Ending this year’s coverage with a few of the Loi Spec Garage cars. Thanks for reading.


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