Car Classic 2014

Words by Tim Wong


Car Classic is a the annual car show that takes place at the Art Center College of Design’s Pasadena hillside campus. This isn’t you typical car show where everyone is looking at the fastest car or most well modified, but rather the design and aesthetic elements of vehicles in the artistic sense. Even though it sounds a pretentious when worded like that, it is by no means an event full of elitist art snobs. The people attending the event range from students from the school out to do sketches to genuine car people just spending a Sunday talking with car people and looking at rare and unique cars. And by unique cars, I mean cars you will rarely ever see anywhere because they are in some collector’s garage.

This year’s theme was “Street to Screen” which featuring a gathering of some of the most notable vehicles from television and movies. I’m a fan of movies and television not in the tradition sense because I don’t really care to meet the celebrities that play the role (not that it isn’t cool), but rather interact with the same environments that the characters interacted with. I personally love seeing movies cars as much as visiting the locations of where things were shot far as it kind of brings you closer to the world created by the stories.


Right off the bat (pun intended), we have the 1967 Volkswagen-based Mystery Machine van from Scooby-Doo, 1960 Volkswagen Beetle from Herbie Fully Loaded, and allegedly the first Batmobile ever. This recently restored Batmobile is based off of a 1956 Oldsmobile.



It’s curvy body lines are made from fiberglass.


Three other Batmobiles including the 1960s television series, 1995’s Batman Forever and 1997’s Batman & Robin were also present. If you’ve followed the blog two years ago, I posted a feature of all the Batmobiles before.



1967 Pontiac GTO “Flame Car” from xXx


1937 Talbot T26 Tear Drop


1932 Ford Roadster


Rocket 3 by Randy Grubb


Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato


1940 Packard Royal Streamliner. This vehicle was outrageous as it gets. Powered by a 2,500 cubic inch V12, it stretches to 30 feet long.




And it has air suspension.


Mclaren P1



1969 De Tomaso Mangusta


Dodge Challenger Hellcat


The Hellcat’s massive supercharged Hemi V8




2014 Saleen Tesla Model S Foursixteen


1964 Aston Martin DB5


1969 Porsche 917 once owned by Steve McQueen



Bullitt Mustang also once owned by Steve McQueen.



This Mclaren 650S Spider didn’t have such a great time parking after the front end ended up eating rocks due to some confusion in direction.


Porsche Carrera 6


1976 Lancia Stratos Bertone


Mazda MX5 ND


Nissan Bladeglider looks interesting because it’s a funky trike looking one seater, but I doubt it will anything beyond a concept.




Ducati 749R with a heavy amount of modifications.




Even the parking lot of Car Classic is something worth walking through like seeing this line of Aston Martins.


Or this Aston Martin Vanquish.




Thanks for reading.


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