San Diego Comic Con 2012: Part One

Words by Tim Wong

For the past eight years, I have always set a week aside in July for one of the greatest events in San Diego: Comic Con. Even though I have been attending for quite some time now, Comic Con is very old and started back in 1970 by some locals. This year, the attendance of Comic Con soared above 130000 people which only includes actual registered attendees. People swarm to Comic Con even if they don’t have passes as there are tons of attractions outside the Convention Center as many of the surrounding hotels and establishments are rented out by companies for promotions. Another known detail about an event of such a large scale are the notorious parties being thrown that out do themselves. Comic Con pretty much takes over downtown San Diego for the week with no rest even at night.


One new thing this year was that Adult Swim has several Lexus CT 200hs with vehicle wraps offering free rides to the Convention Center. Right next to the Convention Center is the newest hotel, the Hilton, which had an interesting display right out in front. Matt and I were down there on Wednesday night even though we didn’t have passes for preview night, but we were just walking around and checking things out beforehand. What we stumbled up was every single Batmobile from Adam West’s TV Batmobile to the latest version of Christian Bale’s Tumblr.







Michael Keaton’s Batmobile is my favorite Batmobile and the only one I will recognize as a Batmobile because the original TV looked to plain and like a car and every other one after the Keaton one was way too over the top. Even the Tumblr isn’t really a Batmobile because it has nothing related to a bat on it.






















Continuing Comic Con soon with a look at the exhibits and more.

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