Extreme Speed + Redline Time Attack @ Buttonwillow

Words by Matt Willis

On one of our more recent trips, we decided to make a 4 hour trek from San Diego to Buttonwillow Raceway Park, just north of Bakersfield. Although both of us were fairly tired, especially after being up early to attend Cars and Coffee the same day, it was still worth the drive.



We found ourselves at the second round of Redline Time Attack along with Extreme Speed.





Cars here ranged from pure street builds, to weekend racers, to pure time attack monsters…




There were a lot of Voltex wings…



Loi-Spec Garage in attendance…



I normally have a distaste with 993s, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with this one.


Amir Bentatou’s M3…



Lots of S2000s both on the paddock and out on the track.



Some of these race-built Evos were just annihilating the entire course with time to spare…







Caterham out tearing up the course…always cool to see…









Interesting 1st-generation CRX dressed as a pizza delivery car…








Buttonwillow – though I haven’t driven it personally yet – seemed to be very unforgiving.



…and others just like to take the rally approach…



Some future racing drivers from the Go-Kart course stopped over to check out the action as well…







We had a great time shooting this part of the 2014 Redline Time Attack season, and hope to cover more of the action this year…

Thanks for reading!

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