Autofashion USA’s 7th Annual VIP Festival [Part Two]

Words by Tim Wong


Even though the VIP Festival focuses on the many great VIP style cars, this event had many other cars there just as impressive although not necessarily VIP builds. As usual, I took of all types of cars regardless of what category they may fit into.



The nice thing about the VIP Festival, it wasn’t just an endless line up of VIP cars, but a nice mix of other cars. This S13 had a weird fitment setup which didn’t seem to fit right with the fender and car.





It’s been a while since I’ve seen Jeff’s Civic. I had a shoot with this car a while back.


A number of classic imports grouped together at one end. They were pretty nice condition all around.








As the front filled up, the cars overflowed into the back of the lot.




This Honda Civic EK was pretty a win inside and out. The car was perfect from the wheel choice to the small details.


Spoon steering wheel and cluster


Miracle Cross Bar


Dodge Viper on HRE Wheels



Slammed Subaru Forester on a bold choice in wheels



I’ve always liked these old Mercedes.


On the street, there were some pretty nice cars that people may have missed.



Nit’s Spoon S2000



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