Sevenstock 2013: All Rotor [Part One]

Words by Tim Wong


Sevenstock is the largest gathering of rotary enthusiasts featuring some of the most amazing machines to be seen. The event took place at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana where some of the cars including some of Mazda’s race cars hit the track creating the epic echo of rotary all around. This was my first Sevenstock mostly because every time I hear about the event after it has past, but I’m glad I made it to this year’s event. It was definitely not an event to be missed.


Mazda brought out one of their legendary 787B, Mazda’s Group C sports prototype racing car.







Mazda also brought out a 787 next to the 787B.




Another one of the great race cars brought out by Mazda was this RX-792P.









This highly modified RX-7 FC3S in complete racing form was nothing short of a beast of a machine.






Next to the four mad rotary race cars, there were three of Mazda’s classic vehicles from history.


The Eunos Cosmo



The RX-7 FD3S Spirit R. The Spirit R was a very rare and limited run car.


This is a LHD USDM RX-7 converted to Spirit R spec.



Mazda Cosmo Sport


A look at some of the cars taking off on the track.

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