Sevenstock 2013: All Rotor [Part Two]

Words by Tim Wong


Continuing the Sevenstock coverage with some of the vehicles brought out by local enthusiasts and shops. The range of variety in attendance was pretty impressive with trucks to sport coupes.





Drag spec RX-7 FB


Massive rear Goodyear tires followed by a wheelie bar  and parachute.






Widebodied RX-7





I’m always a fan of fender flares and this is a good example of them as a nice simple addition to make the car a bit more aggressive.



Even though it was a rotary event, KINOD was there in support with a couple cars even if they were wankle-less.




Not all the cars were in the show area, but instead running the track during the event.




Along side the Sevenstock event, many other type of cars running track as with most normal track day events.






















The Mazdatrix RX-8


End of the Sevenstock coverage, but there will be a follow up post with the other track day cars at the track like some Miatas and BMWs.

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