Night Drag at Willow Springs

Words by Matt Willis

Prior to the crazy action at Streets with the JustDrift All-Star Bash, we had a little break so we headed over to Big Willow to catch some of the twilight drag races. Everything from purpose-built drag cars to novices in street cars were out giving it their best shot, and it was definitely a good time shooting and watching all the passes.






Beautiful Ford Falcon build…






Cars lining up in the staging area…


I have to admit, I really have done a 180 with my opinion on Dodge Chargers. Formerly a car I used to really dislike, I now have a soft spot for it. The SRT8 especially…


Heating up the tires.












Another great event at Willow Springs. The last drag event at WSIR this year is a day race, on November 30th. For more information, visit the WSIR homepage.

Thanks for reading!

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