Twilight @ Streets of Willow

Words by Matt Willis

Over the past year or so, we’ve been attending and covering several track events hosted by Extreme Speed. Lately, their growth has been astonishing – taking over and reviving events such as Redline Time Attack, 86Fest, Subiefest, and many others. They are easily one of the most popular track day hosts out there and their organization, hospitality and dedication is unparalleled.

Last month, I had the intent of driving at their final twilight event at the Streets of Willow Springs. Due to a recent valve train malfunction, I was unable to get my car out on the track, but Tim was out running his CB7 Accord. We both took time in-between sessions to do some shooting. It is much different than an ordinary track day, the main difference being that it takes place through sunset and eventually to nightfall. Suddenly the track becomes a lot more challenging. Sparks start to fly off of glowing red brake rotors. The whole event becomes a lot more intense…

It starts like any other track day in the early afternoon. Drivers attend a briefing at the Streets lobby before heading out onto the track. This gives the drivers time to “understand” the track by feeling, making it easier to adapt when nightfall comes.





Sharp looking S2000 CR from CounterSpace Garage…


…this BRZ was also from CounterSpace. Love the gold/red look, as well as the custom rear tail lamps. Looks far better than factory.


Love this 96/98 Civic hatchback on 6ULs.




As with any track day, there were plenty of Miatas out on the course.











Sunset over the Streets’ paddock.







Nice GC8 in the evening light…


In-between sessions, we headed up to Balcony to check out some drifting sessions.










Back down at the track, the lights were on and things were heating up.













Amir’s E36 braking hard into turn 1…




Drivers got collectively more aggressive throughout the evening, so much so that a few groups had to be called in for mandatory debriefs. Scary because at night, things are far less safe…if anything, it’s a time to be more cautious and just focus on setting some consistent laps.




Tim’s Accord coming around the final turn…



Thanks for reading!

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