Mazfest 2013

Words by Tim Wong


Last weekend, I spent the weekend in the desert town known as Lancaster which I’m including Palmdale and Rosamond. I drove up in the morning for Mazfest and while I was there, I caught some drifting at Balcony and hit the track myself for the Twilight event which will come in late posts.


This was my first Mazfest in both attendance and being a sponsor. It was nice hearing my little blog being announced as a sponsor for a big event throughout the day.


Last year, they hosted Sevenstock along side with Mazfest making a huge event, but this year, they went back to making separate events and in comparison it was underwhelming.



The day was pretty hot which is to be expected in the desert, but the venue was filled up with a good amount of cars with some nice variety. With food and gas down the road, people were going in and out of the track throughout the day.





Some interesting builds and swaps hiding in the sea of Mazdas.







Many vendors out at the event with cars on display or running the track.












Cars lining up on grid before heading out on to Big Willow.






Some of the KINOD guys at the garage




I made my way around the track to grab some panning shots of the different run groups.










Interesting to see the type of cars going out like track RX7s and then Mazda2s.






That’s a wrap up for Mazfest coverage, if you like to see the full gallery of the images with unused images, you can find them here:

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