Spocom Show 2013

Words by Matt Willis

Prior to Comic Con, Tim and I took the time to attend the annual Spocom Consumer & Trade Show over in Anaheim. This is an event we’ve been covering for the past few years and each time we get to see great builds and catch up a little with those in the automotive community. For enthusiasts, its a great way to see the latest cars on the show circuit and check out the latest products from various vendors.


The infamous Bulletproof S2000 was the most notable car when we walked onto the show floor…


Simple monochrome Mk4 Supra build…



Few exotics on display…


The Creations’n’Chrome fox body we saw at HRE’s Open House a few weeks ago…



Last time we saw the Gran Turismo Graphix Evo collectively was at last year’s SEMA event, I believe…



Cheesy looking Mustang from HIN…haha…


A striking contrast…I loved this grey FR-S. Very aggressive, which is exactly what the car needs…


Nice VIP G35…


Veilside NSX from R-Rydes…




Armand Pranadi’s MR2…


Joey Lee’s Q45 build, which has become sort of iconic these days…


The Rywire EA-T Civic build…



Beautiful custom BRZ from R-Rydes…


One of two very nice FD RX-7s that were present. This one is very simple compared to the other, but still has a sharp look…




Tim and I both liked this red-on-bronze Evo 10.


My absolute favorite car at the event was this FD at the Motul booth. Just stunning…



Beautiful cockpit…



Turbo FR-S with a bunch of gold plating and matte pink finish. And Evelyn Lin hanging out in the background…



The R’s Tuning Ben Sopra GTR…


StayCrushing FR-S redone in a cream-color wrap…



Perhaps my favorite thing at Spocom, though, was this cut-away Spoon engine that was on display. I always love seeing shit like this…


Thanks for reading! – Matt

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