MOD 2013

Words by Tim Wong


MOD or Mitsubishi Owners Day takes place every year at Mitsubishi North America in Cypress. Since I don’t have a Mitsubishi, MOD usually slips by me every year and it has been 3 years since I went back in 2010. This event hasn’t really changed much over the years which isn’t a bad thing. There are tons of people who show up and there is an endless lot of Mitsubishis from the show lot to the spectator lots.


This year Mitsubishi was offering event shirts and lunch to everyone who showed up which is a great way to get people to come back every year. There was also a raffle of an assortment of great prizes from vendors like tires, a TV, and other items to be coveted.


Some display vehicles in the front of the building like this electric race car.




As many know, Mitsubishi doesn’t make many vehicles that cater to the enthusiast crowd these days so the Lancer Evolution as one would expect is the most prominent vehicle at this event from the 8 to the 10. There was definitely not a shortage of some great looking Evolutions.


With California car scene, there is a vast variety of mentalities when it comes to modification so even in a lot full of Evos, there is a mix of style from function to form.








Aside from all the Evos, there was other Mitsubishi cars there which are pretty interesting because of how rarely I see them.







One of my favorites of the day was this LS1 swapped Starion.




Over in the back, there was some vendors display products and cars.











By the end of the event everyone was rolling out and Mitsubishi sent out their pace cars to direct traffic.

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  1. aww I didn’t see my car’s twin… 2002 Eclipse. Evos are nice though 😉

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