Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Words by Tim Wong

If you have been following this blog for some time, you should be familiar with Eddy Tran’s infamous green four door Civic. I’ve known Eddy for many years now and have seen his car progress drastically over the years from its high points and low points. From when his car was extremely low to his latest performance oriented build, I’ve been shooting the endless progressions of the car along with the countless wheel changes. 47 wheels changes to be more specific and still counting. The last time I featured Eddy’s Civic was back in November of 2011 and in between that time, the car has been under heavily rebuilding. In the mean time, he’s had two different cars as a daily: another Civic and now a Miata.


Of course most people work on a project car and pick up a daily on the side. Then they say “I’ll keep the daily stock”, well that lasted…3 hours since he got to work on installing a short shifter on day one of pick up. No surprise there, and things only became more project plans from there.



While the Miata was being driven around, the Civic had been in the garage for the greater part of last year with massive changes like the 5 lug conversion and the entire overhaul of the engine and turbo setup.


The car has only returned to the streets for a couple weeks, but I’m sure there’s still plenty to be done.










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