Elvis Comes to Town

Words by Tim Wong

Tonight, I went out to meet Elvis Skender, the owner and founder of StanceNation. He posted on Facebook about hanging out of the Anaheim doughnut shop, M&M and small gathering of people showed up. I talked with him and a couple of locals like Randy Goco and Jordan Adkins who were also there for a bit. It was just a pretty laid back gathering. Mikey from Photo M.D and I rolled out together to check out a couple of cars while we were there.


I wasn’t really in the mood to shoot considering the poor lighting and positioning of cars, but I took a couple snaps since I was already out there. I had a tripod on me, but after a while, I just couldn’t be bothered with setting up with the consistent traffic coming through.






There wasn’t a shortage of VIP style cars present amongst the usual import crowd.



Michael Johnson came all the way up from San Diego today in his Acura TL. I’ve seen this car change drastically over the years and I’m glad to see it still standing out amongst the rest even in the VIP scene.



A line up of Cimas all done up VIP style.






Robert Kochis brought out his rocket bunny Scion FR-S.





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