LBGP 2013: Thunder Thursday

Words by Tim Wong

Continuing with all of the pre-Grand Prix events going on in Long Beach, Thunder Thursday sponsored by Tecate, takes place in downtown Long Beach on Pine. The event closes off several streets for bike stunting, a car show, and other events like the model contest. It’s an evening spectacular the draws in big crowds and highlights the massive events that is the Long Beach Grand Prix. Last year I came to the event, the streets were filled with police with zero tolerance for anything and this year was no different if not worse considering the chaos occurring around the nation.

Matt drove up in the afternoon and covered most of the events while I was preoccupied with other things. Most of the day shots are from Matt since I arrived pretty much after the action aside from the model contest.


The Cadillac Kings car show featured many American domestic cars.


Some of the cars that we’ll be seeing this weekend on display.


I would assume this Camaro will be running in the ALMS this weekend.


This Camry is mostly likely a pace car and the FR-S for the celebrity race.


Some bike stunting exhibition with jumps and burnouts.









Then some four wheel burnout action with all the bike action was something you don’t see often.


CITGO team getting setup for a pit stop demostration.





Some fast teamwork and the car is ready to go again.




As night fell and the streets cleared up some of the cars, we checked out a bit of the model contest before calling it a night.




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