Formula Drift Tech Day

Words by Matt Willis

Last weekend, Tim and I stopped by the Formula Drift Tech Day event at Source Interlink Media in Irvine. The turnout was great and there was a wide variety of cars present, including many of the Formula D builds that will debut at Long Beach in just a few weeks. In a way, this meet felt like the “kickoff” to the 2013 show/events season with FD and the Long Beach Grand Prix just around the corner.

Tim arrived a bit before I did and he caught many of the cars rolling in.







The GT-R presence from that morning’s Cars and Coffee event made it’s way down to this as well…


This one in particular had a nice look. I love the carbon hood and lip as well as the one-off grill section.


By the time I had arrived, the lot was nearly full…


I liked this black-on-black Evolution, but for all the aggression it shows on the front facade, its somewhat liking on the rear…



Pair of R32s…


Cars continued to roll in throughout the day…



Beautiful Hako Skyline…


Tim and I both liked the fitment and simplicity of this E30…


Off towards the west end of the lot, there was a nice little secluded parking area shaded with trees…we’ll come back to that later…


We took a stroll into the Source Interlink garage, where all the Formula D service was taking place.



After that, we were all hungry so we ventured a few blocks down the street to Capital Seafood for dim sum.




Upon our return, there was still plenty to see. Here’s the recently famous Stay Crushing FR-S build…


…there were plenty of other FR-S’ and BRZs too…












The JP Edition Veloster we most recently saw at last year’s SEMA Show…


Another nice E30…


Nothing like a Lamborghini Murcielago to shake things up…


Joey Lee’s VIP Infiniti Q45…






Amir Bentatou’s 911 build…



Later on many of the Formula D cars were being brought out…











On our way out, we took a few more shots in the shaded parking area…


We came across the infamous Airrunner/JONSIBAL Dodge Challenger build as well…






That wraps up our coverage of the Formula D+Import Tuner meet! Thanks for reading!

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