San Diego Saturday

Words by Tim Wong

San Diego is a pretty small town by means of car scene activity these days, but I try make it out to most of the local events. This past weekend, I made it out to the weekly Carlsbad Cars and Symbolic Motors’ Cars and Coffee meet. So a group us rolled out together to Carlsbad to check out the meet in the early morning before rolling down to Symbolic Motors.

Recently, I have been experimenting with this new editing style. There’s a certain mood that it creates that I enjoy, but yet at the same time, I’m not sure how long I would really keep using it. Feel free to comment below and tell me your thoughts.





Here we have what appears to be a Shelby Daytona. I’m not sure on the legitimacy of these cars since I’m not really an expert, but the Daytona is an extremely rare car.





Shortly after, we headed over to the Symbolic Motors’ Cars and Coffee event. I was hoping this would be a chance to check out their showroom and facilities, but apparently the service center and the showroom are at separate locations. They are having an open house event next month at their service center which should something to see.


Local shop, HG Motorsports, was there early displaying a couple of their vehicles.




The big highlight of the event was the red Bugatti Veyron appearance that drew in crowds.




Mike showing us how one can fit their entire fist into the exhaust pipe of a Veyron.







Typical high end California cars lined up.




Not exactly the most common line of cars with a Nissan GTR, Ferrari 458 Italia, and a Mercedes S-class.





The event was packed full of people and families.






While we decided to head out for some dim sum, they opened up the shop for viewing. My friend David Middleton got a chance to check out their shop and snapped some shots.


Lamborghini Miura getting some work done.


Some serious restoration in progress.





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  1. Phil Kostka Avatar

    i like the style. the shots look older, but with the crispness of modern technology

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