Project-G One Year Anniversary Meet

Words by Tim Wong


Project-G has been a notable Miata aftermarket parts company for sometime now with popular items like their G-String top. Last year when they first opened their shop in Baldwin Park, I covered their grand opening and this year I rolled up from San Diego with some local Miatas from Project 5 Roadsters.


We were there really early so after everyone parked their cars inside, everyone, aside from those helping out at the shop, made a run over to The Donut Man.



By the time we got back, it looked like Eibach’s All Honda meet for Miatas. MX-5s lined up all the way down the block.


While walking down the street, I was snapping shots because there were some interesting cars parked along the street as well.





This white Miata had an rare paint where the transition of light changes the color of the pearlescent elements so that it would appear pink or green at times.






While I was taking shots, this little RC drift car ran right under me and into my knee. Pretty sure that little car took more damage than me.



Massive crowds checking out the cars rolling in.




KINOD was there in full force as usual.



Rotary swaps weren’t exactly uncommon in Miatas. Autokonexion brought out two of their own Miatas.


Some might recognize this one from SEMA of last year.



Inside the parts department, there was a constant screening of all the Fast and Furious movies.



David Woolery’s well known Miata with the Pit Crew front end.




Everyone combination of spoiler and trunk from stock wing, deck lid, big racing wing, to wingless.




This mini Peterbuilt truck was here last year as well.




Project-G had some of their own cars on display in their main shop.





Around that neighborhood, there were many small dogs running around and this one looked like a stray which we named Seymour because he looked like Fry’s dog from Futurama.






The custom plate on this car caught my attention. Being relatively well verse in anime, Yandere refers to a character (usually female) who has “overly attached girlfriend” issue to the point of psychotic violence which bring me back to the plate. Does that mean the car is a crazy bitch or is the driver into crazy girls?








I did happen to catch this horrendous nightmare of a Miata who someone decided it would be a good idea to try to convert it into a BMW Z3, which isn’t exactly a good looking nor impressive car anyways.



It looks like a mutilated animal that just needs to be put out of its misery.





Everyone was gathering up for the raffle at the end.



While the raffle was going on, I was looking at the several photo albums they had in the shop where I found several of my images along with other notable automotive blogs work. I thought it was a fantastic idea to keep a hard copy of images of your build over the years.

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