Evasive Motorsports Dyno Day

Words by Tim Wong


Last week, Matt and I were looking for something to do on Saturday and considered going to Buttonwillow Raceway to cover the Global Time Attack event, but found out about the Evasive Motorsports dyno day from of buddy Danny at JDMZIPTIES. We were much more inclined to check out Evasive considering that it was much closer than the 4 hour drive to BW. Neither of us had been to the Evasive shop so it was nice to check out their facilities. There was a significantly larger amount of people than I was expecting, but there were tons of awesome cars in attendance along, most of which being FRS/BRZ.


There was a good amount of cars already there when we showed up. People were enjoying Krispy Kreme donuts provided by Evasive and later on delivery pizza. It was pretty hard not to think of Fast and the Furious lines when I saw the pizza delivery car rolling up.


In the main lot, they have on display their own Evasive FRS, the Super Street FRS, and the Mackin Industry FRS.


The Mackin Industry FRS features their own wheels along with the now popular Rocket Bunny kit.



The Super Street FRS also had a Rocket Bunny kit along with BBS wheels.




Next is Evasive’s own FRS with their own custom widebody design and the well known Volk Racing WE37SL Black Editions.




The Projectμ FRS was another notable FRS present sporting a full livery.




On the other side of the street, a couple R-Rydes members brought some interesting cars out.


Now this first definitely stood out amongst the endless amount of FRS’ there with it’s bold color and different choice of wheel combination.





Veilside kitted NSX







Lovely red NA1 NSX.


This FRS caught a couple of looks with it’s machine finished look wrap.


Everyone stopped for a pizza break. Even Danny from JDMZIPTIES enjoying some.



Next up is the famous Evasive Global Time Attack S2000 that even has a Hot Wheels model now.



The particular bit I really liked was the air duct built into the headlight housing.





The StayCrushing FRS has been gaining quite a bit of attention lately with it’s very flashy styling and plenty of modifications.





Matt and I both took a liking to this S2000. It had a very nice clean image to it aside from the flashy rear diffuser.







Amir brought out his 1976 Porsche 911S. We did a quick shoot right before we left so look forward to that set of images.



A couple more shots of the Super Street FRS before it did it’s dyno run.





That is it from coverage of the event, but check the full gallery for addition images of more cars and more angles not posted here.


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