Words by Tim Wong


A couple months ago, Kenny Seo asked me to shoot his latest project, his Datsun 240Z. I’ve known Kenny for a couple years over a local automotive forum back when he still had his highly modified 1994 Nissan 300ZX. As one can see, he has quite a fondness for the Fairlady Z line and the S30 is one of the most famous with such a timeless look and beautiful lines. This particular car has had quite a history and I’ve witnessed it changed and become so much more than what it started out as.



Everyone has a certain build mentality when it comes to modifying their cars whether it be for show, track, or street. This mentality drives the type of parts one looks for to incorporate into the car such as enhancements for performance or rare cosmetic modifications. Kenny started off having to trailer his new S30 home and now he’s built his car to be an all rounded in fields of all three show, track, and street. This is no small feat especially for such an old car. Kenny has kept the mechanical modifications mainly period correct as they car still retains a carbureted engine, rear drum brakes, and an open differential.




As being apart of such an amazing ever changing culture, automotive enthusiasts aren’t just the type of people who just put it down or away and come back to it. Even when we are away from working on our projects or not at the track, we are still heavily immersed in the petrolhead mentality when are just out on the street and check out some stranger’s car that caught our attention.

Kenny is no different and started out like many of us. It started as a simple interest and sparked into the passion it is today. His first car was that very Z32 that started it all and lead him into being active in the Z clubs and automotive community. When he has the time and chance, he spends time at the track, a simple cruise, and frequently automotive forums.









2 responses to “Heartbreaker”

  1. RallyWays (@rallyways) Avatar

    Hehe. Cool. I shot a Corvette ZR-1 on that same spot 2 months ago. I have yet to publish the pics though. O.O -Danny

    1. timscribbles Avatar

      I’ve been shooting there for a while now, but haven’t really had a chance to post them up with all the other stuff going on. This set was shot in October and I have another set even older.

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