San Diego Auto Show 2013

Words by Tim Wong

The San Diego Auto Show is something I attend every year even though it has been on the decline over the years. The show used to be huge filled with all sorts of cars that would take up to even the second floor of the convention center. Now, I feel the show is just something they have to do every year. There’s no enthusiasm anymore and San Diego car enthusiasts feel it is a complete waste of time and money. Many have no trouble just driving up to Los Angeles for the much larger show, but I liked the San Diego used to play host to a more local enthusiasts and had an assortment of exotics and modified tuners. Even the latest cars aren’t even on display which is pretty sad for an auto show. The most interesting thing they have done this year and last year was the movie cars on display, but this show needs so much more.


The General Lee is a forever recognizable car even to those who have never seen Dukes of Hazzard.


Barricade is the Mustang police car from the ‘Bayverse’ Transformers movie franchise.


Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino





I did find it quite ironic that the muscle cars were parked right by the “Eco Center” cars.






I’ve seen this crazy wide Corvette at the Barona drag strip before.


There was only a handful of cars on the showroom floor that I found even taking a second look at, but nothing I haven’t really seen before.






Toyota had on display this heavily modified Sequoia with that laughable title of “Dragquoia Family Roadster.” Just because one fits headrest monitors and a car seat does not make it a family car.




Acura had this ILX built by Evasive Motorsports.






This Spyker has been at this event for a couple years now.



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