Cruise Out the Year

Words by Tim Wong


Just before the year closed out, the Timscribbles team piled into my car for a morning cruise over to the local San Diego meet in Carlsbad. I haven’t made my way over to the Carlsbad Cars meet in a while so it was nice to see some friends and just enjoy a relaxing day. Since it was the last Saturday of the month (and the year for that matter), attendance was pretty good with good mix of cars.




Absolutely loved the light through the scene of this classic Chevy Impala (61-64).



The group enjoying some coffee and brisk weather…with an E30 M3 in the background.



A group of Toyota Supras parked together with a couple MKIVs and a MKIII.






A group of Mustangs including a GT500 and Boss 302.



Another Mustang there was this beautiful red fastback.



The small classic British roadster was there in the form of a Lotus Elan Sprint.














This was probably my favorite car that morning which is strange because I never really took a liking to the BMW 2002s, but this one was AMAZINGLY clean inside and out. By clean, I don’t mean like mint condition where the car sits in the garage all the time, but rather well taken care of while still being used. They outside body panels and paint were extremely well taken care of while you can still see a good amount of wear in the seats.













Mazda RX-2 with a 13B.




After the meet and greet, a group of us all decided to cruise down to Slater’s 50/50 at Liberty Station.


Chris and Melanie in the back enjoying the ride.











Destination at Slater’s. Afterwards, we headed over to the San Diego Auto Show which we’ll being posting in a separate post. Thanks for reading!


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