Extreme Speed @ Streets of Willow 121612

Words by Matt Willis

A couple weeks ago, Tim and I decided to run at the Streets of Willow in Rosamond with Extreme Speed Track Events. Both of us were extremely tired from different events we had going on the night prior, but still, a day of aggressive driving wasn’t preventing us from making it to the Mecca in the high desert. It was a great day overall, with cooler weather conditions and a variety of cars out on the track. Following a bit of a late start in Lancaster due to a quick technical fix, Tim got out there and ran his CB7 Accord. The cooler air allowed me to push my car a little bit harder in between the straights, and shaved a few seconds off my best time, so I can’t complain there. Despite saying that I was going to take the car offline for a bit after my last track day at Fontana, I couldn’t resist running it just once more at such a fun track…













Tim’s Accord approaching turn 1 of the CCW format…


F22 versus the F22…


Our friend Ryan brought his newly painted Civic sedan out to the paddock. It was great to see progress on his build.

Audi RS5 out keeping everyone under control…

I’ve seen this S2000 CR out on the track several times, and every time I do I become really envious.

Seeing more and more FR-S and BRZs at the various Socal circuits.



911 GT3 preparing to grid…

This Cobra was out running hard early on, but later in the day they began experiencing problems with the cooling system.

Love this 2nd-generation Miata on bronze 6ULs.

FR-S getting a little sideways…



This 997 GT3 sounded absolutely amazing as it flew right by me on the straights…haha…



I’m pretty sure this was a Toyota MR2…












Tim waiting to launch…





On the brakes! The counter-clockwise configuration is very tough on the brakes due to the fast downhill entry into turn 1; in the reverse format, the uphill slope aids in slowing the cars down nice and early.







In addition to the laps at the Streets of Willow course, there was some drifting going on at the Balcony so Tim decided to check it out between his runs.

















We enjoyed being out at Willow Springs with Extreme Speed. They were great hosts, very friendly, prompt and organized which means at the end of the day, everyone out there – driver, photographer, spectator – had an awesome time. Track days definitely have their own following, and we had the privilege/pleasure of covering several of these events throughout 2012. We hope to do the same in the new year.

Thanks for reading!

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