Convert to Dirt

Words by Tim Wong

Last Saturday, I made a trip out to Glen Helen Raceway to check out some of the rallycross, but there was so much stuff going on the same day. There was some baja truck testing, RC dirt racing, and some serious motocross. Glen Helen has pretty impressive facility purely for dirt based motorsports which is pretty interesting. After watching some of the rallycross, I’ll probably try it out myself next time.






A couple of Suzuki Swifts taking some laps around









































On the next track over, there was testing going on for this baja truck. This thing was kicking up some serious dirt and extremely audible.



On the other side of the facility, there was what looked to be like a motocross event where bikes were going around a pretty gnarly track and mountain climb.









This is conclusion of a single day of activities at Glen Helen Raceway. The place is pretty cool just to walk around taking some pictures and watch some events happening.


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