Nisei Showoff 2012: Part Two

Words by Matt Willis

While we covered a majority of the cars of Nisei in the first post, I felt that there was more to the show that needed to be separated into another entry. There wasn’t a whole lot going on this weekend, so I used the time to catch up on the photos/posts, on other errands and bullshit, and get a bit of much needed R&R. I did a bit of prep work on the car today for the upcoming KROPS Track Day at Streets of Willow on August 31st. If you’re down to get your car on the track, or just want to come check it out, it should be a great event and the attendee list looks pretty big so far.

Anyways, back to Nisei. While there were plenty of other Hondas, it’s not all of what Nisei is about.







Tim and I both liked this Impreza WRX…



Porsche 997 on Work Meisters…


This was rather interesting. It’s a Pontiac GTO (circa ’04-’06) that has been converted into the Australian cousin, the Holden Monaro.







As with most shows in the last few months, the FR-S was made present.



I remember this crazy STI from a couple years back. It won a lot of awards…


Danny Nguyen of JDM Zip Ties was busy getting his shots as well. If you haven’t seen his coverage, be sure to check it out


Honda City and NCZ50…



A couple of Odysseys..


More CB7 Accords…




Slick turbo DC2 Integra…


Nicely executed ’96-spec Civic. Always had a thing for those bumper corner moldings…




Rear shot of the Bandits’ 4-door.




One of my favorite cars – not just Hondas, but of all time – is Anh Truong’s Integra. Every time I see it, I’m just captivated. The attention to detail, the way all the colors and parts mix well with one another, the stance and body work…it’s not perfection, but its damn close. Anh had a truly great vision with this car and I think it’s currently one of the best builds out there.




Stanced out S2000 near the ItsJDMyo! booth…


Nice BB6…


Another angle of Loi’s Type R. Love the Voltex wing, EDM tail lights, and the R888s…


One of Sportcar Motion’s latest projects, which we also saw at Extreme Autofest a while back.



In the previous post, I forgot to mention this very special EM1. I remember seeing it a few years ago at the annual Eibach meet, but haven’t seen it around since. Much of this car is composed of Spoon performance parts.




This Captiva Blue EG caught my eye. For one, it didn’t have a rear spoiler, which I thought was unique in itself. I don’t normally like the striping on the wheels, but the matching blue sort of works.




Forgot to mention Bisi’s iconic wagovan build earlier on…


There’s no question Bisimoto has had a huge influence in the Honda scene. He’s always pushing his work to the limit and finding out how to source usable power in the most efficient fashion. With so many hype-driven and copycat configurations out there, it’s good to know true R&D with hard evidence is still being done…


Here’s an interior shot out Andy Hope’s NASA H2 spec B16A-poweredCRX.


This isn’t just your average Honda with a B16…here’s a few laps of Andy going around Big Willow:

…Crazy fast…

Well, that just about wraps up our Nisei coverage. I’m sure there’s a couple cars I may have missed; my photos were all jumbled out of order so it was hard to tell. Overall, it was definitely a great event. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a break from the norm and check out some truly iconic and pristine cars.

Speaking of pristine…, Miss Showoff 2012 was Marissa Hiroko, whose popularity has been skyrocketing lately. Being part Japanese, she was a great representative of the Nisei show. I remember seeing her around events for the first time back towards the beginning of the year, and now I just saw that she’s has work in Super Street (here and here). Keep it up Marissa!



That’s it for Nisei, until next time. Thanks for reading! – Matt

Video Credit: (C) Andy Hope

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