Update 08112012

Words by Tim Wong

This is a quick update during a busy weekend of shooting. Just got back from Nisei week up in Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles which was full of amazing cars from the past, present, and future. Matt and I might have made to Infamous which was a Hellaflush x Canibeat event and I’m sure it was full of great cars, but Matt needed to get his car ready for tomorrow at Speed Ventures track day at Auto Club Speedway. Unfortunately since we’ll be up early in the morning, we’ll miss the Motor Union event that we have been going to for the past two years, but if you are in San Diego, you should really check out this great local event.

Recently, we have been continuing to post all sorts of coverage of local car related events, started a series of travel photos of China, and still working on Comic Con 2012 which has been delayed. All that stuff will go out up as soon as possible. On a side note, I checked out my Twitter today which I pretty much never check due to the lack of time and notice many “@timscribblescom” tweets which I hadn’t read nor replied to, but I will pay more attention to it from now on so feel free to “tweet” at me anytime.

Quite some time ago, the guys at Jump Moon sent us a message about their starting up T-shirt business that had some cool designs that are car related and sent us a few shirts that had some iconic Toyota car logos. Much thanks to them for sending us some cool stuff and if you guys are interesting in obtaining a few for yourselves, check out their website here: http://www.jumpmoon.com/Cars


Be sure to check our Facebook where we consistently update sneak peeks of upcoming coverage and tons of content exclusive to our Facebook page.






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