San Diego Comic Con 2012: Part Three

Words by Tim Wong

This Comic Con series has been coming out very slowly when usually I’d have the coverage up within two weeks of the event, but things have been rather busy and most of the audience are here for automotive content so we have been putting out that content as priority. I will try to wrap up Comic Con coverage as quickly as possible while working on some new automotive content.


The Warner Bros booth was promoting many of their television shows like Supernatural and movies like Batman and The Hobbit.




The Batman new bike was on display.





Capcom booth back this year with a massive game demo booth with Lost Planet 3, Resident Evil 6, and several other titles.



Many people looking forward to the latest installment of the Halo franchise.


One of the interesting booths this year was the Bond 50 year anniversary that switched out various Bond vehicles each day.



This Jaguar XKR was from the film Die Another Day.


The Aston Martin DBS was from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.







Hot Wheels also had KITT from Knight Rider present since they usually have something special every year.




The interior dash screen was playing episodes of the old Knight Rider show. I say old because the had that one remake version of the show in 2008 that featured a transforming Mustang at KITT.



Over at Lego, there were tons of things going on with displays to look at, legos to build, and several murals being created by attendees.


Lego Hulk and behind him, several murals that have yet to be completed or even started. Over the course of several days, attendees all pitched into created the finished products.






The GI Joe movie coming out soon



Some of you may have seen the new Total Recall movie that was released recently. There was a big display promoting the movie with some interesting sights.








Hyundai and Walking Dead joined together to make this zombie assault vehicle. I wasn’t really impressed by this design due to the cheap plastic look and the impracticality of such a vehicle in a zombie apocalypse.



Volk CE28 replicas would not be my choice of wheels as they’ll probably break with all the strain on them from hitting zombies with those little tiny blades. Haha. One would probably be better off with some off road tires and run over zombies.



If you’re going to equip a snow plow like that to a front drive car, you’re going to be spending a lot of time getting the car unstuck because the likeliness of you getting the plow stuck of on something is high and your front wheels will be dangling.


Ending today with some hipster Disney Princesses.





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    I enjoy hipster princesses.

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