Spocom 2012: Part Two

Words by Tim Wong

I’m going to finish up the Spocom coverage with some more show cars from the exhibit hall. It’s going to be a pretty busy weekend coming up with all the events happening, like Nisei Showoff, Infamous, and Speed Ventures.


We saw this Honda City Turbo II at Eibach earlier this year.



BMW E46 is car I’ve seen on many occasions, but I remember first seeing it at Auto Club Speedway quite some time ago.









A couple of nice classic Japanese cars were present and showing off some nice builds. Both of these also happened to be at Motion together as well.




Armand Pranadi’s iconic Toyota MR2. I had a chance to stop and talk with his for a bit and apparently, after the Infamous show in Long Beach this coming weekend. This does not mean he is getting rid of the car or anything, but rather sticking with local meets instead of shows.



I thought he had a pretty clever design for his iPhone.







Big Mike’s Prelude






Many may remember this incredible Lexus IS300 back when it still had the HKS livery which looked perfect on this car.









Melissa Miller’s Nissan 300ZX from MelissaDrifts








KROPS and Socal Car Meets and Shows working closely at another show.


The media tower was a really nice idea with the stage setup. I’m going to end the Spocom coverage with a couple model shots by Matt.


Ashley Malia


Evelyn Lin


Kay Bae




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