Spocom 2012: Part One

Words by Tim Wong


This past Saturday, Matt and I made a trip up to Anaheim for Spocom which we had been before, but we know Spocom and Motion share many of similarities due to their history. This year I can say I was very pleased with the way the show was organized and how easy the flow of the overall show went.

Since Matt was using his Canon 24-105mm L, I thought it would be a good time to try using my new Canon 40mm STM and see how well it would perform in actual shooting conditions so everything you see shot by me is purely with the 40mm lens. Usually shooting indoor with white light is pretty straight forward lighting conditions, but there was a consistent purple hue that would appear in the shots.




Volkswagens usually don’t appeal to me because they tend to be generally the same around the modifications like aftermarket wheels and lowering suspension which is pretty bland. This one in particular had an extensive amount of work put in to it like the eye-catching Candy Red paint and massive widebody.










RLs have always been an underrated VIP car choice and this is probably only RL I’ve seen around Southern California that is modified to such a standard.







M7 Japan, a energy drink, was a massive sponsor for this years Spocom with several cars and tents all around the exhibit hall. Just as with AutoCon, there was a large presence of Scion FR-Ss, but thankfully not the same ones.















This won “Best VIP” which was no surprise due all the customized work that went into building it. What makes it even more impressive was that the whole car was all garage build.



This S13 was a pretty impressive build inside and out. Everything from the color theme to the body kit flowed nicely with the car.





The inside was covered in BRIDE fabric with the rear seats, door panels, shift boot, and the sub box to match the Bride seats up front.


Right next to the S13 was this VIP Lexus GS300. This car was definitely not new to me because I doubt I could forget the powerhouse of an engine underneath the hood.


Even though the style is after the VIP scene, this car is by no means lacking in the function and performance department.



I’m going to end “Part One” with Nitty’s Spoon themed S2000 at the Autofashion booth.



One response to “Spocom 2012: Part One”

  1. CI Costin Avatar

    wish i were there … nice cars

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