Extreme Autofest San Diego 2012: Part Two

Words by Matt Willis

Today we will resume coverage from Extreme Autofest in San Diego. As I mentioned in part one, Extreme Autofest (“EAF”) is unique in the fact that it caters to several different types of enthusiasts. But it’s not just about static displays and models. One of the great things about this event is that they also promote off-street high performance driving with a drift demos and an open autocross course. Riders from Cycle Path also do some freestyle stunts on their bikes, and there is a low-rider “hop” competition in the pit area. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

The Autocrossers were the first to heat up the track. Autocross involves cars running for time on a improvised miniature road course (typically marked with cones). Like track racing, it involves technical skill and good situational awareness.














The great thing about autocross is that pretty much any car can handle it. The courses are usually low-horsepower friendly; in fact, having more horsepower in autocross can be a hindrance.



Tim went through the pits and checked out the drift cars preparing for their run.






Team Subaru x Puma GRC Trailer for Dave Mirra’s rallycross car. I wish they would have run the car on the track, though…


I’m not a huge E36 fan, but for some reason this one really stood out to me. Maybe because its red…



Brand new Scion FR-S tearing things up. Didn’t take long at all…


Those sitting shotgun were having a blast…


Some drivers were getting a little sideways, too. Nothing wrong with that.



Couple of roadsters cooling off.

Excellent looking CRX on 949 6UL wheels.



Dig in!


Back end out…

WRX at the starting line…




Following the autocrossers were the drifters. Where autocross demands maximum grip and precision, drifting is the opposite. The finesse is in getting the car to slide and maintaining the angle and speed.










Kevin Madsen made plenty of smoke for the crowd…











Melissa Miller, who we met the week prior, was out getting sideways in her 300ZX.








That wraps up part two. Coverage from the stunt bike demo and lowrider hop competition, in addition to some extras. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook to view the complete set of on-track shots.

Thanks for viewing!





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