Seal Beach Car Show 2012

Words by Tim Wong


The 25th Annual Classic Car Show in Seal Beach took place right on Main Street a couple weeks ago. The whole street and more was filled with all sorts of lovely cars and spectators.


As with most classic car shows, the cars ranged from hot rods to old pick up trucks.


This van had a V8 swapped…into the middle of the cabin.





Plenty of cars were blower equipped.






A pretty impressive Camaro all around even in the trunk. In the passenger seat, I found a case of classic rock tapes.








I believe this a 1965 Impala Wagon judging from the front end. It has a nice California beach area look with the surfboards.



I can’t say I’m a fan of Porsches in general, but the 930 slant nose is the few that I really like.













This Impala Wagon was…interesting. There was a mid 50s Bel Air style airbrushed to the back end and for some reason the disc brakes were covered with fake rotors.











The Ultima GTR isn’t what I would call a classic, but it is a rare car. I was amused by the comments I was hearing from the crowds thinking it was a one off custom car.







Ending with a great replica of Steve McQueen’s Mustang from Bullitt.


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