Z Nationals at Motorsport

Words by Tim Wong


Since 1997, the Motorsport Auto Z-Car West Coast Nationals has hosted one of the largest Z-car meets right here in Orange County. The event was being hosted on a pretty busy weekend, but I made some time on Friday night to check out the kick off event.


One of the Zs was themed after Speed Racer’s Mach 5.







There was a mix of new and old Z-cars like these two Nismo 350Zs.


Many had engine work done or complete engine swaps.




This particular Z was impressive from the amount of work and money put in to it. The Hemi swap was nothing less than spectacular, but the wide body could have been nice by means of the body lines.









Some of the cars were a bit tacky in my opinion though. Things like the flame design cut exhaust pipes, tasteless spoilers, and other less than desirable modifications that don’t really go with these types of cars.




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