Open Car Meet

Words by Tim Wong

Loi Spec Garage invited me to attend their meet last night in Rosemead. I stopped by for a bit and snapped a couple shots here and there. Not much to say about it.


All the Loi Spec cars all lined up. Most of them with Volk TE37s.









I’m usually a fan of flat paint, but I can’t find myself to like this strange tone of green on this Subaru.







No idea what happened here. Wild with the spray paint perhaps.



I really found this Civic to be quite nicely done. White car on white Work Emotions. Simple and effective.



5 responses to “Open Car Meet”

    1. timscribbles Avatar

      Thanks for visiting!

  1. Tasha Pryde Avatar

    i’m diggin’ these shots

    1. timscribbles Avatar

      Appreciate the comments!

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