Raceline USA at Chuckwalla: Part Two

Words by Matt Willis

More from Raceline USA’s season-opener at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. In case you missed the first post, this was an open multi-class lapping day…enjoy the rest of the shots!

Couple of Integras dueling…



Here’s the Evo we saw rolling in that morning…

Jason running his turbo’d Fit…

There are a select few people in the world that admire the Mercedes C230 hatchback, two of them being myself and the guy driving this one. It had a great sound to it and looked very quick…

This Accord was in my class. I wasn’t out in the final heat due a technical issue, but in earlier runs we traded positions a few times.


Danny from JDM Zip Ties checking out the action…





Jason trying on some different shoes at the end of the day. Doesn’t look half bad….

We left before sunset, as both of us had to get back to civilization before Monday. Much like the drive up, the drive back took another eternity…

Coming back through Palm Springs on the 10 freeway…

Baja Bug being trailered from the desert…

Sunset from the 10…

That is all! I’m taking a break from the car for a while, but I know what I need to fix and adjust…I’m just glad I got the much needed seat time. I hope to make it out to another event here in a few months. Until then, I’ll stay behind the camera…

Thanks for reading! – Matt


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