RPM Anniversary Party @ TEN NIGHTCLUB

Words by Tim Wong

Racing Performance Motorsport held their anniversary a couple weeks ago at X Nightclub with a car meet. When I arrived, I cruised along the parking looking for where the cars were until I spotted Ale from Extreme Autofest standing in the parking lot. Apparently, all the cars where in the back where the entrance of the club was which was behind several signs that said valet only. This was an issue later on in the evening because the valet started his shift and sent several cars away even though he knew about the car show in the back. I got there relatively early assuming it was going to be packed, but there was hardly anyone there so I assume it was still early and people were stuck in traffic and what not since I heard there were cars coming from LA and SD. Started off the night just walking around snapping some shots and then put my camera away for a couple of drinks. RPM was most gracious and arranged for an open bar for a hour for their celebration and then a couple guys and I have a some bottle service. It was a pretty good and unique event regardless of the lack of attendance.














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