KINOD 03092012

Words by Tim Wong

As with every Friday night, KINOD meets in Industry with a gathering of mostly Miatas and some others in the mix. It was a pretty busy Friday night with several events I had planned to attend, but ended up only making it to one. As I was running pretty late, I met up with Ham over at Boston Cafe for dinner and then cruised over to Krispy Kreme where KINOD meets. It was a smaller gathering than usual and generally the same couple cars I’ve usually seen so I didn’t really focus too much on the cars.







Interestingly enough though, after the KINOD meet, it is likely the group heads over to Maxim to eat which is where I spotted Yuta Akaishi from HeartBreaker’s daily driven Civic with Volk 4/5s. Most people know him for his Heartbreak Z.





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