3rd Annual Project B Meet

Words by Tim Wong


Every year in San Diego, the TSX guys (which more recently have become Project B) host a nice Sunday BBQ at Crown Point which I have attended every year. It’s a nice way to just meet up with some local guys eat some food, talk, and hang out. It has been a while since I had a nice relaxing day where I wasn’t rushing around doing events and what not.


David Nguyen was out there along with his wagon friend.


Now this orange Integra is a car that shows up to this meet every year. The funny thing is this is the ONLY meet I see it at. There’s is a clear amount of money and time put into this car especially with the carbon fiber dashboard, but it become pretty much unseen the rest of the year.


A little update on Warren Falaminiano’s lovely white TSX with some new wheels which look very nice.


Some more lovely TSXs









After taking a round of snapping some pictures, I found Eddy and Jenn snapping some photos here and there since I had sold my old Canon T1i to Eddy which in turn he gave his old one to Jenn. Luckily, I had my Canon 10-22mm lens on me and let Eddy play with it. While we were switching lens, I let Jenn play with my Canon 35mm L while I snapped on her 28-80mm. It was interesting playing around with such a rubbish lens, but it was fun since I didn’t really need to worry about anything like moving myself to get the right shot or taking good pictures in general. As you can see, the photos have heavy vignetting and a rather soft focus in comparison to my other shots.


Here’s a shot of Jenn’s Bride bag that goes hand in hand with Eddy’s Bride wallet.


Lovely four door Civic


TSX slammed on some TL Type-S wheels


After the meet, we rolled over to Tajima 2 for some sushi and other JDM food.


Eddy with his Prozac shirt




This one is known as Shady.




Dragon Roll


Crunchy Roll


Caterpillar Roll

That’s the end of that.





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