IMG Car Cruise

Words by Tim Wong

IMG (Intense Motoring Group) is San Diego’s classic car club that holds most of the old school meets in the area. Every year they have a small BBQ meet by the harbor, but I had prior engagements so I had miss this year’s. When they were having a cruise, I decided to check it out and take some shots. I met up with Ale and Mike early in the morning before cruising over to the meet.


Everyone was to meet up at the Macy’s parking lot at UTC, but their Facebook event had stated Sears’ so it was a bit of rounding everyone up. I did find it amusing that there weren’t as many old school cars as I would have thought.




Lately Mike had been driving around in his friend’s Lincoln Aviator so for this event, we went all Top Gear status. Since the rear door splits with the window lifting up, I could sit in the third row of seats and shoot out of the open window while placing a GoPro facing forward.






Jimmy was rolling in his 86.


Xay and his STI.





One of the guys was on a bike, ensuring no one was left behind.




With the new Dodge Dart coming out soon, It was nice to see the old Dodge Dart.




At the end of our cruise, we ended up at Cafe 101.







Cafe 101 has been around for a long time and has been established as a historical building.


I can’t say I am a huge fan of the place because the food wasn’t spectacular and it did take a while for us to get our food.


Afterwards, we drove back down to Tea Station in Clairemont Mesa and on our way down I spotted Jimmy cruising in his AE86.


Xay rolling in his Subaru.

Back at Tea Station, there was a couple of Japanese classics sitting in the lot.


Datsun 310 and a Datsun Z




2 responses to “IMG Car Cruise”

  1. tokyobhoy Avatar

    LOVE Jimmy’s 86!!

  2. eugene Avatar

    Tim thanks for the awesome pics. We will let you know when our next event will be, from EUGENE club IMG.

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