Import Showcase by Import Fashion

Words by Tim Wong


There was several events occurring that day, but Import Fashion was one of the bigger events so this was probably the one to be at. I was rather surprised what location they chose because I had been there before for the Bulletproof meet and I found it pretty small for a larger show and a meet which turned out fine as the lot didn’t overfill the lot to capacity. As with any other import car show, I wasn’t really expecting too much from it because the import scene is usually the same cars year round, but there was a number of cars that I had not seen before.


RPM (Racing Performance Motorsports) brought out several cars parked right up front. Just last night, they were holding their anniversary party at Ten Nightclub which I found to be pretty enjoyable and they were quite gracious hosts.





Aside from the vertical door Smart car, I found this rare Subaru Vivio sitting right next to it.


The Vivio is definitely not a car I have seen nor really heard of in general, but I got a chance to talk to the owner for it a bit. Apparently, he found it some where in Orange County in pretty poor condition and has been restoring and building it up.


He even had a nice set of Gram Lights for it.


Inside, you find an original right hand drive configuration in relatively good shape.


The owner also told me he has some big plans on redoing the engine soon.



Vivio badge. Just a couple weeks ago, I saw the owner again at the B&G suspension meet and he told he had lost it on the trip down to San Diego which is too bad.



I never really tire of seeing 8th generation Civic JDM conversions.


Pretty good looking 8th generation Civic coupe. It has been some time since I saw one that stood out to me, since these are plenty and generally look about the same.


First generation Honda CR-V slammed on some BBS wheels. He has a “DOHC VTEC” decal on the side which does make me a bit curious to know if he really does have a VTEC head on the B20 block.



VIP Toyota Cressida


VIP Toyota Previa


A couple cars were displaying Import Fashion decals on their cars in support.



Honda Civic hatch back with a Domani front end conversion. I’m still not a fan of this conversion, but it is still a pretty big hit with certain crowds.



This Lexus GS with a deep dish wheel filled with Pepsi cans caught quite a bit of attention from the crowds.






5Axis VIP Toyota Prius


Low n Slow group rolled pretty deep to this show.






This Acura Integra was a pleasant surprise to see. I had not seen this particular car before, but the unique paint which not a common color for Integras and the colorful BBS wheels was a really nice combination. The JDM front end and the Type R wing was a nice addition too.




The JDM Type R interior was pretty awesome too since this isn’t a common modification anymore. I have to say I was surprised to see it was an automatic transmission LS though, not that it makes this car any less impressive.


Five Axis Scion IQ


Ending this post with a lovely red Acura NSX with white TE37s.


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