Project G Grand Opening

Words by Tim Wong


After the Import Fashion show, I quickly rushed over to the Project G grand opening which was some ways away. The location was strange because it was deep in the back of a neighborhood area, but it was not hard to find as it was right next to the freeway. Some may know that Project G is a shop generally dedicated to the MX-5, but there was some other cars there in support. I don’t know too much about them aside from the infamous G-String top they make for the Miatas, but I have a good amount of friends in the Miata scene and decided to meet up with them there.


The attendance for the meet was pretty solid and quite a bit of interesting cars.


A pretty badass looking S13 project as I find a unique quality with cars that are kind of beat up and in a sense somewhat rugged.


This pristine condition Subaru Impreza always catches my eye. The choices of modifications are simply tasteful and work with the car’s styling.


One of the things I can really appreciate about the Miata scene is there is a incredible mix of styles while at the same time a general sense of camaraderie among the owners. There are track stars, slammed fitment guys, and general street cars that can all mix.






A couple of Miatas with the G-string top. This is something I found quite clever because sometimes you like to have the top down, but dislike the sun bearing down on you so the top covers your face yet keeps the nice open atmosphere.


David Woolery’s Miata was the first one I saw with a Pit Crew front end conversion from several years ago. Easily one of the most unique and special ones in the scene.








Miniature Peterbilt semi. Pretty cool to see one of these in person. It is essential a conversion kit for a pickup truck and there are different kits for different truck sizes.



Project G was holding a raffle to giveaway all sorts of goodies too.


Inside the shop, there was sleek Lexus SC sitting to the side.



Out in the back, they were selling an assortment of Miata parts for rather cheap.



Tony picked up a spare trunk for his Mazdaspeed for his new wing. Since Miata’s don’t have more storage capacity, he had to drive it home with it sticking out of his passenger seat.

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