B&G Suspension 2nd Annual Meet

Words by Tim Wong

B&G Suspension is a local San Diego company that was holding its 2nd annual meet and I went to go and show my support. Last year’s meet was pretty good and I had no hesitation to go to this year’s. Lately I have been getting up pretty early and I had really nothing else going on that morning so I got there pretty early and walk around snapping shots of the other early birds.



I have pretty mixed feelings about the BMW M3 E92 as it looks aggressive and has a V8 which are nice things that BMW doesn’t really go for, but yet I’m not a BMW fan and the V8 it has doesn’t REALLY sound like a V8 (like Mercedes or typical muscle cars).



Toyota Supra MKIII


Greg’s Scion tC with some new wheels


The BMW 6 series was one of the cars that got me relatively interested in BMWs, but each time I see one, the uglier they get. The one thing about this one I liked was the HRE wheels which have a really simple yet elegant design.



This yellow Integra was a car that I just could not get enough of. Throughout the day, I just kept finding myself going back to it over and over.


The extremely clean paint and the JDM conversion was just so perfect.




Inside you find a JDM conversion with the ITR Recaros along with a right hand drive configuration and yellow door panel inserts.


Mazda RX-7 FB





The Nissan 370Z Amuse Powerhouse kit was a pretty rare kit back when I first saw it, but there were three 370Zs at this meet with the same kit.





David was there in Corolla wagon sporting his Demon Cambers.



A couple of muscle cars decided to do a couple burn outs up and down the street.


Of course, I got their plates.




Back to the meet, I spotted this lovely kitted Nissan 240SX S14 rolling in.


In another lot, another 240SX with a Zenki front end.


Pretty badass Volkwagen truck.


Caterham 7. This Caterham is a super-lightweight sports car based off of the Lotus Seven and as with all Caterhams, it comes as a kit or built from Caterham.



A view of the powerhouse



A look at the simple and lightweight designed interior.




Pann Auto’s Suzuka blue S2000 looking better than usual.




Another MKIII Supra



Volkwagen CC


BMW with some minty colored Rotiform wheels


Simple yet effective blue S2000 with a hardtop and some Buddy Club wheels.


Beautiful Mazda RX-7 FD. Everything is perfect from the vented hood to the Work Meisters.





Ending this post with a rolling shot of the Caterham 7.

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