Sunday M&M Donuts Night of Imports

Words by Tim Wong

M&M Donuts has been quite a popular spot meets not too long ago, but the problem with the spot is that is has a lot room for hooning nonsense. As usual, there was some of this going on, but surprisingly less than usual. Attendance was high as usual and some nice cars showed up along with the not so nice cars.


Some of the hooning I was referring to.


Couple of guys rolled up from San Diego which was the only reason I was even there. That’s Eddy’s green 4 door in the back there.



Now here’s a interesting one. A S13 with a R32 rear conversion and Silvia front end. It looks pretty damn well done.



Camrys are not exactly the most popular choice when it comes to modifying, but this is making it work pretty well. I don’t know about the gold wheels on a silver car though.


Shooting a black car at night isn’t exactly flattering because you can really see if it is clean or not. I like the unorthodox wheel choice on this Volkswagen GTI combined with the typical “dubber” wheel fitment.



Another lovely VW that was sitting right next to it.




As Honda S2000s are getting cheaper all the time, I can see why so many people are picking them up. They are amazing cars that have become extremely worthwhile for the prices they are going for nowadays. Parts aren’t exactly cheap for them, but it cheaper than an NSX. Another thing is that they are pretty good looking cars and you don’t really need to do much to make them look nicely modified.








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