Luxury4Play at Lyon Air Museum

Words by Tim Wong


On Superbowl Sunday, Luxury4Play, an automotive forum for exotic and specialty car enthusiasts, were hosting a “Pre Superbowl” meet up at the Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana. Matt rolled in from San Diego and we went over to check it out in morning. I can’t really say the attendance of this meet was high due to the fact that it was on Superbowl Sunday, but there were some cars there most of which I have seen on previous occasions. Aside from a couple shots here and there, we mostly just talked with some of our friends whom were also in attendance.


Hear this Lamborghini Murciélago roaring in with its V12.


Mercedes 190SL I saw at Cars and Coffee the day before.



A classic Ferrari Dino


Ultima Can-Am, another car I’ve seen before at Cars and Coffee. It’s a pretty rare car so it always the same one I see.





A few Lamborghinis all lined up






Diamond Black Exteriors and Black Star Upholstery rolled in deep for a photo shoot with kvk Photography. The cars were all pretty quality stuff even if some or most people don’t agree with their styling tastes. While I was standing back watching the set up of the shoot, I could easily tell this was an amateur shoot due to the fact they had no idea or coordination of how to arrange to cars in the location, but it wasn’t my shoot so I just watched the chaos happen.








A couple snaps of the shoot, but you’re welcome to look up their “Official” release of the shoot on L4P. After the meet, we all went to Wingnuts for some lunch.



2 responses to “Luxury4Play at Lyon Air Museum”

  1. Guest Avatar

    very nice work. haha and +1 at the amateur ‘kvk’ shoot. no offense to them at all (since they’re not claiming to be pros) but your few pics of their cars totally upstage their entire shoot. good work as usual.

  2. Kyiv Derevko Avatar

    I have to admit though that was my first shoot of that magnitude…..I didnt know what I really was doing but I had fun and the pix were pretty nice….I dont regret any of it. But you have some pretty nice shots i didnt think of. I respect you as a pro-tographer,

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