Words by Tim Wong

AUTOFRESH was hosted over in Corona by Vertical Doors so it was a pretty diverse car show with “JDM” cars, exotics, and “DUB” cars in the mix. The turnout was pretty good and some nice cars were in attendance, but it wasn’t as great as I was expecting. There wasn’t much else going on that day so it was nice way to spend a couple hours.


A couple AE86s there with a fair amount of quality. Blue is a less popular choice in color for an AE86 which I did find it to stand out more.





There were a few second generation Integras that I don’t remember seeing  before. Nice and simple street cars.




HREs on a Volkwagen GTI seemed a bit strange to me. They look nice on it, but that is a very expensive set of high end wheels for a not so high end car. I could say it sets it apart from the overdone Snowflakes and other typical wheel choices in the VW scene.















That’s it from AutoFresh, there will be a full gallery posted on our Facebook page.

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  1. Thanks Tim for putting my DA9 (with the 57c’s) on your photog.

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