OC Infiniti BIG MEET – Coffee & Cars

Words by Tim Wong

This was a meet I knew was happening on Saturday, but since it wasn’t on my high priority list, I didn’t bother checking what time it started. There were a several shows occurring simultaneously in LA, OC, and SD, so we have to choose which ones would be worth seeing. Norm Reeves Honda was one of the meet we had not been to before, but knew the attendance is usually good so we put that one on priority. Since NRH was in OC, that took Pann Auto’s 20th Anniversary off the list. “THE FWY SERIES – “THE FINALS” was also occurring in LA which look to have a good attendance, but I did not know much about it and striked that off the list also. The OC Infiniti meet seemed promising since they were going to have the Red Bull Formula 1 Racing car on display so we decided to maybe attend it after the NRH meet.


After checking the cars at NRH for a short time, we weren’t exactly feel set on hanging around there in the rain and headed over to the Infiniti meet. Unfortunately, by the time we had arrived, the meet was pretty over and emptied out. I have seen some of the pictures of the meet and the attendance from what I could see was pretty good. Of course, we didn’t leave empty handed and without the crowds we got some decent shots of the cars on their own.


A nice red Nissan 350Z with a set of polished Work Meisters.



An Infiniti G35 couple with a carbon fiber hood and behind the front bumper you can see some ARC components.


And hiding behind the SSR wheels you find some fancy Endless brakes.


The orange car you saw from the previous shot was this Toyota Yaris with some interesting additions. Rocking steelies on a car is usually pretty weak even if they are painted, but somehow this car makes it work. I think it might be because I see this car as a daily driven working man’s car since it is a cheap car and from what I can tell, he uses this car for work. The large “RAREJDM” decal spread across the side is really working for me too. I find the car to be stylish in the most affordable form.


A simple green Mazda RX-7 FD sitting under some shelter from the rain.



Shortly after, another car decided to join him.





A pair of S-chassis sitting in the lot.


This 240SX S14 with an S15 front end and nice kit looked pretty decent.


The wheel choice in interesting too.



Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X on Volk Racing CE28s


Nothing really amazing, but I loved how well the black Volkswagen GTI worked with black Volk TE37s. Then again it might be because TE37s work well with pretty much any car.


Mazdaspeed 3.

That’s it from OC Infinti’s Big Meet. Norm Reeves Honda Toy Drive coverage is coming up next.





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