Anaheim Hooters Meet

Words by Tim Wong

There is a monthly Hooters meet in Anaheim with a mix of imports and DUB cars. This was its third gathering and I had heard nothing about it before. I stopped by since it looked like a pretty sizable turn out. First thing I noticed was that the location was easily one of the worst. The lighting was terrible for photos with the limited orange light and the lot was too small for the amount of people that showed up. There was a parking structure next to the lot which would be a great improvement over the lot. Typically, there was loud music and inappropriate revving, but there were some nice cars there.


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV. Really rare in the States and definitely one of my personal favorites.



White Honda Civic Si (EP3) on some white Volk TE37s. Simple, but effective.


Excellently done blue AE86.


Nissan 350Z with a bit of aero trim.


Stanced Mini Cooper


This black and white Honda CRX works pretty well.


Purple Volkswagen Jetta stanced on some flushed fitted Snowflakes.


VIP rides sitting together.


A nice looking Scion xB, but that out of place license plate does take a great deal away from it.


Red Toyota Supra MKIV rocking a ARC intercooler.


James Oliver’s green Honda Prelude sitting on Work Equips.


This red Honda S2000 with a Amuse widebody rolling on bronze Volk TE37s has been for sale on Craigslist for quite sometime. It really quite a tempting offer. Too bad I’m not particularly interested in getting a S2000 anymore.


VIP Lexus GS300


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