Anime Expo

Anime Expo 2010 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. To be honest, I don’t attend this event every year. Last time I went was in 2006 and I wasn’t really impressed by it. It does have a decent amount of content and activities, but its still lacking in my opinion. Its a nice way to spend the day, but I wouldn’t really bother going more than one day. The exhibit hall was overpriced to hell, majority (not all, some were decent) of the cosplay made me want to rip my eyes of their sockets, and attention getters (magnetic rocks, flapping fans, horns) made me want to punch people in the face.


Usual convention horde waiting to attack the exhibit hall.


Little Kuriboh, creator of the Yugioh: The Abridged Series. I bought the Catapult Turtle shirt that I had my eye on for a while and got it signed while I was at it.


Taking a couple snap shots while I was passing through the Bandai booth.






And of course, I stopped by the (with fakku, but I don’t really care about them) meet up. Supposedly free stuff, but I ate in the next room over, came back, and all I saw was a big line to meet and take pictures with Danny Choo. Cool, but I’m not that much of a fan boy and much rather go spend my time at the convention meeting up with friends. If it was a small meet up and people sat down to eat, it be a different story. I dislike being one of those people who horde around someone who is well known just to take pictures and throw myself at their feet. I was fully aware of the purpose of meeting people that Danny had in mind, but it was evident people don’t really care about who else was there besides Danny Choo which was understandable as many had 1-Day passes and were there to see content instead of just sitting around talking to random people.



Eating lunch at the ESPN Zone which was where the meet up was at as well.



Awesome movie for those who haven’t seen it yet.





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